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Course Details

English - Communication Module


Enable individuals to be proficient and rounded in English communication (Verbal and Written).


Engineering Graduates/ MBAs/ Graduates/Post Graduates, Entry level new recruits.


2 Months (24 hrs)

Course Outline:

Be an effective communicator

Verbal communication.

  1. Structuring conversation - usage of right words in right orders.
  2. Effective use of words, articulation of thoughts
  3. Good Conversation- getting your message across
  4. Conversation management
  5. Important signals
  6. Preventive strategies to manage stressful conversation

Communication games

  1. Communication and planning exercise.
  2. Story telling exercise with QA sessions and analysis and feedback.
  3. Understanding values emerging out of the stories.
  4. Pronouncing and learning new and difficult words.
  5. Usage of these words in general conversation.
  6. Initiating a chat and every one participating in it.
  7. How to interact with team.
  8. Conversations with colleagues.

Getting it right in communication

Preparation for speaking in English effortlessly

  1. Meaning, pronunciation, usage of words which sound similar

Tenses - making right sentences

  1. Collective nouns
  2. Usage of Verbs
  3. Suffixes
  4. Voice and accent drills
  5. Pronunciation - vowels, consonants
  6. Tongue twisters

Spot the errors sessions Talk right sessions

Non Verbal Communication

Significance of Non Verbal Communication

  1. Forms and Types of Nonverbal communication
  2. Facial Expressions
  3. Postures- Types
  4. Gestures- Types

Paralanguage/ Vocalic

  1. Voice, Pitch, Volume, Articulation, Rhythm, Tempo and spacing
  2. Effective use of Non Verbal Communication

If you are not listening you are not communicating.

Power of listening

  1. Benefits of listening
  2. Difference between hearing and listening
  3. Types of Listening
  4. Poor listening habits
  5. Effective listening
  6. Be aware of barriers of effective listening
  7. Active and passive listening

Presentation and public speaking

Rules for effective presentation

  1. Strategies of effective presentation.
  2. Structuring, Outlining and patterns
  3. Introduction, main body and closure of presentation
  4. Guide lines - Visuals, charts, data
  5. Creativity and usage of Tools /techniques

Public speaking

  1. Delivery and structuring
  2. How to overcome stage fright

Written communication

Effective Correspondence

  1. Principles- Strategies,
  2. Components,
  3. opening & closure
  4. E-mail etiquette's
  5. Letters, Notices, Circulars
  6. Instruction
  7. Clarity, discipline and consistency.