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Course Details

Android Training-Course Content:


Make the learner proficient in Android Application development.


You should have knowledge of basic Java .


IT professional or B.Tech/MCA students etc.

Course Modules:

Module Name Course Content Duration
1.Android Foundation
(Summer Internship)
Topics 1-12 30 hours (6 weeks)
2.Android Professional All Topics 45 hours (10 weeks)

Topics to be covered are as follows:

1.Introduction to Mobility

  • Why mobile apps and trends
  • Mobile OS details
  • Positioning of the Android platform with respect to iPhone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
  • Mobile App Client Architecture

2.Overview of Android, Architecture, Components and Installation

  • Overview of Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Version History and API Level
  • Component of Android Applications (Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers)
  • Other building blocks(Intents, Notifications, Resources, Widgets)
  • Android App Dev Environment
  • Installation of Android Development Tools

3.App development/testing tools and environment, Understanding the app structure

  • Android Develoment Tools
  • Android SDK Overview
  • Overview of Test Environment (Emulator) and creating first emulator
  • Creating First App (Hello World)
  • App Directory Structure
  • Structure of AndroidManifest.xml
  • Components declaration
  • Useful Classes (Toast, Log, Bundle)
  • Overview of Activity
  • Life Cycle of Activity

4.User Interface: Screen Containers or Layout

  • Screen Layouts: (Linear, Relative, Table, Frame, Absolute, Grid)
  • Scrolling of pages (ScrollView)
  • Screen for different sizes and orientations
  • Re-using layouts (include<include>, merge <merge> tags)
  • Attaching Layout to Activity

5.User interface - UI Controls and Event Listeners

  • Android Form Widgets(TextView, Edit Text, Button, CheckBox, Radio Button, Image View and Image Button)
  • Events Listener

6. Intent

  • Introduction to intent
  • Types of intent (Explicit and Implicit)
  • Starting New Activity
  • Finishing Activity
  • Data Exchange (Sending data to Sub-activity and Receiving data from Sub-activity)
  • Intent Filters
  • Intent Resolution

7.Android Debug Framework

  • Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)
  • LogCat
  • UnCaught Exception Handler

8.Advance UI

  • Text properties, input types, floating hints, validations
  • Styles & Themes, Material Design
  • Fragments
    • Overviews
    • Lifecycle of Fragments
    • Creating Fragments
    • Fragment Manager and Transactions
    • Adding Fragment to Activity
    • Fragment-to-Fragment Communication
    • Fragment SubClasses
  • Dialogs: (Alert, Progress, DatePicker, Time Pickers)

9.Adapter and Adapter Views

  • Introduction to Adapters
  • Type of Adapters
  • Introduction to Adapter view
  • Linking Adapters to Adapterview

10. Navigation Design

  • Action Bar, Tool Bar
  • Tab Bar
  • Navigation Drawer
  • View Pager

11.Data Persistence

  • Data persistence options
  • Shared preference
  • File Storage(Internal/External)
  • Sqlite Database Storage
  • Content Providers

12. Broadcast Receivers

  • Overview of Broadcast Receivers
  • Type of Broadcast Receivers
  • Life Cycle of Broadcast Receiver
  • Implementing a Broadcast Receiver(Registering Broadcast, Class Definition)

13.Notification and Alarm

  • Status Bar Notification
  • Notification Manager
  • Pending Intents
  • Alarm Manager


  • Overview of Services and Forms
  • Service Lifecycle
  • Started Services
  • IntentServices
  • Bind Service


  • Introduction to threads
  • Creating a threads
  • Multi-threading
  • Interaction between threads
  • Handler Classes
  • Async Tasks

16.Hybrid Applications

  • Invoking Browser Application
  • WebView, WebViewClient, WebChromeClient
  • Running web application in Android
  • Enabling java script
  • interfacing web application
    and Android native app

17.Web Services and XML Parsing

  • XML Parsing using XML Pull parser
  • JSON and JSON Parsing
  • Web Services(SOAP, JSON)
  • Network Connectivity Manager

18.Map and Location Manager

  • Location API
    • Location Manager
    • Location Providers
    • Selecting Location Providers via Criteria
    • Getting Current Location
    • Proximity Alert
    • Forward and Reverse Geocoding
    • Prompting User to Enable GPS
    • Testing on Emulator
  • Maps
    • Google Play Services
    • MapView
    • Mapfragment
    • Markers

19.Multimedia - Audio & Video

  • Media Player
  • Playback Audio & Playback Video
  • Recording Audio & Video
  • Capturing Image
  • Handling Camera

20.Telephony Manager

  • Accessing Telephone information
  • Handling telephone communication (Calls, Messages)


  • Sensor Overview
    (Motion Sensor, Environmental Sensor,Position Sensor)
  • Sensor Framework
    (Sensor Manager, Sensor, Sensor Event, Sensor Event Listener)
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Bluetooth


  • View Animations
    (Tweened Animations, Frame-by-frame Animations)
  • Property Animations
  • Activity Transition Animation


  • Drawing with drawables
  • Drawing with Canvas(On a View, SurfaceView)
  • Touch Drawing
  • Gesture Detection

24.App Publishing

  • Prepararion for Publishing
  • Publishing App on App Store
  • Modetizing the Apps

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