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Course Details

Big Data Analytics-Course Content:


Make the learner proficient in Big Data Analytics. The course provides grounding in basic & advanced analytic methods, technology and tools.


You should have knowledge of Java and Linux.


Big data beginners, IT professional or B.Tech/MCA students etc.

Course Modules:

Module Name

Course Content


1.Big Data Analytics

Topics 1-10

30 hours (6 weeks)


1. Introduction to the "Big Data Analytics" Session

  • Introduction to the session
  • Big Data origination
  • Data explosion
  • How Big data is changing world today?

2. Characterstics of Big Data and its Challenges

  • 4 Vís of Big Data
  • Key Characteristics
  • Challenges in Big data

3. Big Data analytics platforms, data storage and processing

  • Analytics platforms
  • Data storage and processing

4. Hadoop - Overview, History, Uses Cases and Lab session

  • What is Hadoop?
  • Why Hadoop?
  • Hadoop history and Use cases
  • RDBMS Vs Hadoop

5. Data Visualization techniques

  • Data extraction using System R
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Web 2.0, Social media and its impact on Organization

6. Big Data - Analytical Models

  • Different Analytical models
  • Industry examples
  • Abstracting sense for organization

7. Social Profiling and Business Intelligence

  • Social profiling of customer
  • Augmenting business intelligence and decision making process

8. Sentiment Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis overview
  • Driving intelligence out of it
  • Lab Session

9. Real time response to combined intelligence

  • Introduction to Use cases
  • Detail study and analysis

10. Technology landscape and Libraries to practice

  • Technology landscape and Libraries to practice
  • Big Data opportunities


  • Industry based assignments
  • Individual presentation
  • Group assignments